The Spa Village, Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

5 April 2018

Spa Village Pangkor Laut Resort is a genuine haven that promotes the healing cultures of Malaysia. Due to the very nature of its diverse people, history and cultures, this encompasses the practices of Malay, Chinese and Indian peoples. Coupled with the country’s abundance of natural resources (Malaysian rainforests are believed to be the oldest and most biologically diverse forests in the world) this is a magical setting for complete rejuvenation.

Spa Village Pangkor Laut

Specially built structures are designed to facilitate an extensive range of treatments from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. These include eight treatment pavilions, a deluxe Belian treatment pavilion, three ‘Healing Huts’, which include Chinese Herbal, Ayurvedic and Malay Huts, two Bath Houses, three Spa Huts, three Nap Gazebos and a Spa Boutique.

Programmes combine physical and spiritual health, and are based one one of four umbrella concepts: Rejuvenation and Longevity, Relaxation and Stress Reduction, Detoxification, and Romance. It’s recommended that you meet with a Chinese, Ayurvedic or Malay specialist for a consultation at the beginning of your stay so that treatments can be tailored to your specific needs along with a special diet.

Spa Village Pangkor Laut Resort

We chose an Ayurvedic programme, but whichever treatments you choose at the Spa Village Pangkor Laut Resort, all begin with the same Bath House Ritual representing various bathing traditions around Asia. This starts with a soothing footpath followed by an invigorating Chinese Foot Pounding previously only enjoyed by the concubines of feudal China. We were then escorted to the Bath House (separate for male and female) to enjoy the the traditional Malay ‘circulating’ bath, and a Japanese-style cleansing with a ‘gosht-goshi’ cloth, followed by a blissful dip in the heated Rotenburu pool.

Pangkor Laut Spa Malaysia

After this comes a gentle exfoliating wash with the signature Shanghai Scrub, then there’s time to enjoy a cup of calming tea whilst listening to the glorious sounds of the surrounding jungle before beginning the actual spa treatment. The Bath House Ritual takes approx 45 minutes and ensures that the body will be completely relaxed and thus will benefit more from the treatments to follow.

Spa Village Pangkor Laut Resort

We had previously met and had a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor who had advised on specific body constitution, referred to in Ayurvedic medicine as ‘Prakruthi’. Ayurvedic oil therapies purify the body by eliminating toxins and imbalances which strengthens the internal organs, nervous system, muscles, bones and regulates the digestive system.

Pangkor Laut Spa Malaysia

One of the treatments we were advised to have was an ‘Abhyanga’ massage; a simple oil application using warm prescribed oil which helps to expel toxic, alleviate fatigue, delay aging, improve blood circulation, enhance the immune system and rejuvenate the body. Programmes are conducted only as a continuous course for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. However if you don’t wish to follow a set programme or are short of time, you can simply add treatments as you prefer.

Pangkor Laut Resort

We also chose to have the Siro Lepam hair treatment which is very effective in treating insomnia, chronic sinusitis, migraines as well as restoring health and vitality to dry hair. The treatment begins with application of a blend of herbal oils on the head, followed by a unique head-pack of herbal paste applied uniformly over the hair. The entire head is then covered with a plantain leaf and tied using a varthi (special cloth).

Post spa treatment, there really is nothing better than heading over to a Nap Gazebo (still wearing your beautiful Batik Sarong which is presented daily with treatments) to rest and listen to the sound of the ocean or gaze out to the Straits of Malacaa just feet away.

It’s no wonder that Spa Village Pangkor Laut Resort is regularly included on lists of the top spas in the world, as its approach and service is second to none. We were also very impressed with the authenticity of treatments on offer. So often spas can mislead with marketing, but rest assured this is the real deal.

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