The Seated Queen

21 March 2022

The Seated Queen launched its first product in February 2020: a modern day cold cream which has now become a cult favourite. A luxurious, yet hard working multitasking cream, that can be used as a make up remover and cleanser, as a ten minute facial or as an overnight mask. In their own words, The Seated Queen ‘makes smart skincare for busy people’.

Created using single-source organic ingredients of the highest quality including yarrow, frankincense, and tea tree oils which are known for their cleansing properties, the cold cream feels so nourishing without being greasy. As the name suggests, it’s obviously already cool to the touch, but we popped it into the fridge for an extra cooling effect before applying. So far we have used it as a cleanser with just a thin layer required, and then a simple rinse off using a face cloth. Included with every jar of cold cream, is a really useful (and thoughtful!) black headband to protect hair whilst you cleanse. We have also used it for a quick facial and it left skin glowing after just ten minutes.

Many people associate cold cream with the 1940s and 50s when it was heavily advertised or even earlier when theatre actors used it in the 1920s to remove make up in their dressing rooms, but it has in fact been around for centuries and was formatted by a Greek physician named Galien in the 2nd century AD, using a mixture of oils, beeswax and rosewater. It was prized for its soothing and protective properties.

The Seated Queen have three new exciting products launching this spring which can be used and layered with the cold cream. Cassiopeia’s Serum Concentrate is formulated with a glorious combination of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and nourishing organic cold-pressed oils including rosehip and raspberry seed oil. The Restoring Face Oil is lightweight, non-comedogenic and uses borage seed, squalane and grapeseed to restore tired skin and is particularly effective when layered with the serum as part of your evening skin routine. The Vanity Face Cream has a whipped consistency and is formulated with prebiotics (inulin, derived from agave root) and probiotics (lactobacillus ferment) to protect the skin barrier. All the skincare range is vegan and all elements of the incredibly chic black and white packaging are made from recycled materials.

And last but not least who is The Seated Queen? Officially known as Cassiopeia, The Seated Queen is a star constellation in the northern sky and is named after a vain Queen in Greek mythology who boasted of her unrivalled beauty. The founders of the brand are two sisters, Josephine and Libby Banks, who are based in Wiltshire, UK.

This brand is such a wonderful new find for us and hopefully our readers, too!

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