Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - New Pomegranate & Cassis

16 April 2019

The iconic Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has won numerous awards over the years, and has gained recognition as a hair care staple amongst beauty editors, stylists and celebrities alike for its ability to transform dull tired strands into silken locks. So we very excited to hear about the sophisticated limited-edition Pomegranate & Cassis Elasticizer. This is based on the classic best-selling formula of the cult product whose carefully selected ingredients restore elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine to damaged hair.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

The story behind the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is truly remarkable involving one of the world’s greatest beauty icons, Audrey Hepburn. She initially sought Philip’s advice in his London Clinic in 1974, concerned that her hair was in bad condition due to over processing and constant styling on set.

Upon her request, Philip went to work in his Green St. Laboratory and formulated the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. Audrey fell in love with the product and used it her whole life. She even ordered pots to be sent to her home in Switzerland so that she never ran out.

Audrey Hepburn

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – Pomegranate & Cassis, smells absolutely divine with an opulently fruity fragrance. This consists of an invigorating scent of intensely rich pomegranate and sweet cassis. There are also uplifting undertones of vanilla, patchouli and cedar, expertly blended with a hint of warming spice, zesty orange, liner and nutmeg to rejuvenate and energise the senses.

Pomegranates Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 

A pre-shampoo conditioner, the Pomegranate & Cassis Elasticizer should be applied approximately once per week before your regular shampoo. Apply in sections from the middle of the hair down to the ends, cover with a plastic cap or towel to provide heat, and leave on the hair for 20 minutes. If you prefer a longer treatment, it can also be left on the hair overnight. Since and shampoo as normal, and twice if you have fine hair.

The iconic Philip Kingley Elasticizer

What is so amazing about this product, is that it gives elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine to the hair without weighing it down. It delivers a rush of moisture into the hair’s cuticle to help reduce breakage and restore the hair’s strength which leads to less breakage and snapping.

We have been using the product for a month now, just once a week, and the difference really is noticeable: healthy, bouncy hair which smells delightfully fragrant. As we head towards summer/vacations and drier hair, this is a must have hair treatment that every woman should have on her bathroom shelf.

 Philip Kingley Elasticizer

The 150ml quantity pictured here retails at £35.00 with other sizes available.

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