Matiere Premiere

12 April 2022

Matiere Premiere fragrances are very special indeed because their mission is to create perfumes which are built around one natural ingredient, used in high dosage. Aptly, Matiere Premiere is the French phrase for “raw material”. From his workshop on his farm in Grasse, Aurélien Guichard, a Master Creative Perfumer is Creative Director and Founder of Matiere Premiere. He harnesses the beauty of nature to create utterly magical and distinct perfumes in his lab.

With Radical Rose, Aurélien set out to create a perfume that would contain the highest dosage of organic Rose Centifolia Absolute ever. He was able to do so thanks to the land where he harvests, and the inherited know-how for its successful cultivation. Saffron and Pepper Berries Essence Jamaica are also included and the woody smell is intensified by Patchouli Essence Indonesia and Absolute Andalusia. Radical Rose is simply stunning and the most heavenly rose-based perfume we have ever smelt. It’s now wonder that it won the The Fragrance Foundation UK 2021 Perfume Extraordinaire Award.

Parisian Music was another favourite of ours. With a main ingredient of Ambrette Seed Peru, the woody notes are then reinforced with Cedar Oil Virgina with the musky note amplified by Ambrettolide Supreme. This woody musk perfume won the Prix France Best Women’s Fragrance at the 2020 Marie Claire International Fragrance Awards.

Falcoln Leather is a leathery scent inspired by falconers’ gloves. The main ingredient here is Birch Tar Finland together with notes of Saffron and Benzoin Absolute Laos. This is absolutely a unisex scent.

Matiere Premiere’s 10th fragrance, French Flower, will be launching in May. It focuses on one core raw ingredient, in this case Tuberose, which Aurélien planted a few years ago on his Grasse fragrance farm. Incorporating Grasse traditions, while moving the fragrance world to become more sustainably minded, Aurélien is a true visionary when it comes to offering clients the ultimate luxury product. French Flower will launch in April 2022 with exclusivity to Selfridges for one month before then becoming available internationally.

Grasse offers a unique way of living and many creatives gravitate there, not just perfumers but also painters and musicians. It’s no doubt that the beautiful location of Grasse has played such a special part in the story of this perfume house and has greatly influenced the uniqueness of the olfactory composition that has created such divine perfumes.

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