31 July 2020

With a gargantuan amount of leg firming and anti-cellulite products flooding the market in recent years (and all of them promising miracles), it’s difficult to know which ones to take seriously. Legology, however, has been on our radar for quite some time so we were very curious to give the products a try.

Founded by former beauty journalist and co-founder of the British Beauty Council, Kate Shapland, Legology is a a leg care brand that targets leg shape, comfort and health as an entire system. Having worked in beauty journalism for many years, Kate suffered with puffy legs and was determined to find a formula for legs that really worked. Spurred on by a visit to Capri Leg School where Italian women would go for three weeks every year to have therapy treatments (in fact the heavenly Amalfi lemon scent of the Legology products takes inspiration from the said spa and lemon groves of Capri), Kate went on to launch her first product, Air-Lite, which has been lauded the world over becoming a cult brand.

As mentioned, Legology is a system and not just a stand alone oil or cream, so exercise, massage and diet are all crucial components to implement. As Kate says: “Products alone are not the solution [to cellulite] – you need a plan. Cue: the Legology Cellu-Lite Plan, a toolkit of lifestyle tweaks that really make a difference. Our testers did the leg work and the results surprised even us!”.

The first step is getting used to regular leg brushing which is very important as it helps to improve vascular blog circulation and lymphatic drainage. The Lymph-Lite Boom Brush is a round wooden brush with natural bristles and a hand loop so it’s user-friendly and fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. You can use the brush before, in the shower or afterwards on dry or damp skin depending on your personal preference.


For added benefit, add a few drops of the divine  Cellu-Lite oil to the brush and massage in. This beautiful golden oil contains draining detox essential oils of juniper, Siberian fir, eucalyptus, and lemon. Alternatively you can add it to a bath for a deep cleansing soak. Once again the smell conjures up thoughts of Capri, carefree holidays and the beautiful smells of the mediterranean. It has a clean, lemon scent called “Capri Crush”, which was created by perfume house Robertet. The oil is not greasy but soaks in really well leaving a veil of shimmer on the skin.

legology-airline-cellulite-treatment cellu-lite

The next step is to massage the legs with Air-Lite. Beginning at the ankles and working up, this lovely lightweight cream feels so cooling upon application and helps to contour legs while reducing tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention. Massage it in thoroughly drawing lines up the legs as if pushing liquid through a tube. Ingredients include a blend of caffeine and extracts of Centella asiatica leaf, Ruscus aculeatus root (Jew’s myrtle), goldenrod and lemon peel. It works on stubborn cellulite, but can also be used to help with aches or fatigued legs. It is also good for workers who are desk-bound, on their feet all day, or for pregnant women, and is a godsend for legs suffering the lead weight feeling experienced on long haul flights where circulation is affected. We will certainly be packing the Air-Lite Travel version in our hand luggage for future long distance flights as the effect here feels immediate, giving instant refreshment to tired, heavy legs.

legology-airline-cellulite-treatment air-lite

The Circu-Lite cup is great to use on thighs. After applying the Air-Lite, just pinch the cup and place on skin until there is suction and then gently massage over the skin in an upwards motion.


After just two weeks of using the Legololy range of products, we can definitely see an added smoothness and contouring of the leg area, and legs do feel much lighter so this range is definitely a keeper. The delightful lemon aroma of the range is another added boon which makes use on hot summer days an utter joy.


For further information on the Legology range, please visit here