Hurlimann Thermal Baths & Spa - Zurich Switzerland

17 June 2022

We first experienced the delights of the Hurlimannbad & Spa (Hurlimann Baths & Spa) during a stay at the B2 Hotel in Zurich. The B2 Hotel is a delightful boutique hotel (see our review here) located in the same resorted traditional building that housed former Hurlimann Brewery building.

B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa Hurlimann Brewery Zurich Hurlimann Spa

Located close to the heart of historic Zurich it is in a perfect location for a delightful weekend spa break. Alternatively you can just as easily enjoy the B2 Hotel as part of a city break, touring holiday or a convenient ZRH airport stopover en route to, and from, any of the resorts of Eastern Switzerland and the Austrian Tyrol.

B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa Hurlimann Brewery Zurich

The spa facilities sandwich the B2 Hotel and you may enter directly from the hotel. Robes on, take the lift up to the rooftop to discover a fabulous, and very steamy, infinity pool. Zig-zagging between angular architectural elements, you can gaze over the spires and rooftops of historic Zurich and on to the snowy Alps beyond as you soak in thermal waters. Hotel guests have privileged private access to the area early mornings whilst access to the full spa is at half price (usually Euro 60) for hotel guests.

Hurlimann Spa Bistro

Whilst up on the top floor try the lovely spa bistro. Fresh juices and inventive sandwiches and salads are served to tables arranged around and beneath its dramatically sloping wooden ceilings.

Zurich Hurlimann Spa Lockers

Non-hotel guests enter from the Hurlimann district via a short tunnel in to a spacious reception. Descending in to the spa you can then catch a lift to the rooftop spa or continue through the spa complex.

This is dramatically set in the bowels of the old brewery, built way back in 1836, where long brick vaults host a whole series of pools (we lost count of how many). All of the spa’s natural waters originate deep in the earth below Zurich and are exceptionally rich in minerals – apparently very good for relaxation and wellbeing.

Hurlimann Spa Zurich

As we write this area is being enlarged and improved (the Romano-Irish Ritual and rooftop pool remain open) and is scheduled to re-open in September 2022. The main attractions will of course remain – vast wooden ‘barrels’ which have cleverly been re-purposed from the historic brewery or recreated in the same style. You step into the steaming tubs via steps that cut through the vertical barrel staves or walkways that lead between them and under brick arches. Each has massage jets, bubble loungers and whirlpools.

Hurlimann Spa Romano Irish Ritual

Turn in the other direction from the heart of the Hurlimann Spa and you can enjoy the ‘Roman-Irish Spa Ritual’. The Romans are of course famous for their spa facilities but we must admit that we were not aware that the Irish had spa rituals. It turns out that the Irish part of the concept first came from a 19th century Irish doctor, Richard Barter, who was interested in water cures. He first championed the Turkish bath but as he came to prize the purifying effects of perspiration, he favoured the use of dry heat, feeling that steam had an inhibiting effect on perspiration.

B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa Hurlimann Brewery Zurich Hurlimann Spa

The Romano-Irish Ritual at the Hurlimann Spa translates to a series of individual spa experiences – once again set in a series of rooms with stone walls under brick vaulted ceilings. Start with a body scrub under rainforest showers you follow the ritual via hot and cold showers, a warm and hot steam room, a sauna, a series of varied temperature baths, some jetted, a room of hot stone slabs to relax upon finishing the journey in quiet and meditative room space set with big comfortable loungers.

Hurlimann Spa Romano Irish Ritual

Although it is set up as a sequential experience there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the ritual ‘a la carte’ or even trying out your favourite sections multiple times. The Romano-Irish Ritual typically would take about an hour but along with the larger spa pools, the rooftop area and the bistro it is easy to while away several hours in blissful relaxation.

We love the variety of experiences here and along with the double ‘wow’ factors of the rooftop views and the vaulted brewery cellar it is and experience that is really rather unique.


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