Holistic London

11 November 2020

Here at CELLOPHANELAND* we are always trying to find beauty and wellness products that are cruelty-free, vegan and clean. As the winter nights draw in, our thoughts turn to beautifully scented candles that tick all of these boxes. But until now, we have found such candles incredibly difficult to find, and so were thrilled to discover Holistic London whose range includes scented candles, bath salts and room mists. All acting as mood elevators, made from natural ingredients only, and are lovingly handcrafted in Holistic London’s studio in Chiswick.

Why are their candles so special? Unlike many other brands, Holistic London create candles which are made from 100% soy wax combined with a bespoke blend of essential oils so they are organic and eco-friendly. Studies show that paraffin candles release harmful chemicals which can cause problems with skin and health. Many of the fragrances they use can be just as dangerous if they are not natural. Even the wick can cause toxic fumes if made from non-natural materials. Holistic London made it their mission to find non-toxic alternatives in the form of pure cotton.

And safety issues aside, we want candles that smell heavenly as opposed to synthetic when they are accompanying long relaxing baths or adding atmosphere to a room. Holistic have so many gorgeous, natural scents to choose from which linger in the room long after you have left it. We also loved the special scent quiz that you can take on the company’s website which has been programmed to help determine your fragrance style if you are having difficulty choosing a candle.

We tried the beautiful Neroli & Chamomile candle designed to help you relax and sleep. A top crisp neroli accord for a fresh kick in, which blends into a smooth chamomile heart to then, melt into a lovely mix of woody base notes.

To up the relaxation ante, we also tried the Relax & Sleep bath salts which again smelt utterly divine. Epsom and pink Himalayan salts work together to help remove toxins and impurities from the body, while the blend of essential oils helps to soothe senses and de-stress the mind.

And like so many during these past few months, a good night’s sleep has proven challenging. Holistic’s Relax & Sleep mist has been our saviour. Here again, the dream team blend of Lavender & Neroli and Chamomile organic oils; three of the most powerful but natural essential oils to promote a soothing and calming experience, work their magic enabling you to gain a proper night’s rest.  We literally gave our pillow and bedding a little spritz 15 minutes before bedtime and had the best night’s sleep imaginable. No artificial sleeping potions required, and the best gift for any insomniac!

In fact the perfect gift for a friend or family member struggling with stress or sleep problems is the Relax & Sleep Wellbeing Set which includes the candle, bath salts and room spray. All packaged in a chic organic cotton bag which you can re-use.

We can’t recommend Holistc London enough. They really are the home of conscious candles. At a time when we are all trying to replace our beauty and home products with more natural ingredients, the company have really filled a gap in the market. We almost forgot to mention how stylish their packaging is; every jar is beautiful enough to be left out on display in any stylish bathroom. And of course it goes without saying that all packaging is recyclable. Such a brilliant and caring brand!

For further information on Holistic London, please visit here.