Hard Rain: What'll You Do Now?

7 November 2011

Hard Rain is a brilliant touring exhibition currently showing at the majestic Kew Gardens. It’s a topical, and sometimes controversial, exhibition which aims to provide you with all sides of the debate surrounding how we use natural resources and where lessons from the past can be used to find solutions for the future.

Using outdoor photography, it introduces you to new technologies, development projects and lifestyle approaches. This includes examples of British-led solutions at home and overseas to help combat the environmental challenges we face today. The impact of viewing the exhibition smack bang in the middle of nature, surrounded by ancient trees makes for a profound experience. Bob Dylan’s emotive lyrics (from the song, Hard Rain) swirl around the photographs – there couldn’t be a better accompaniment.

Kew Gardens is a place where rigorous plant science – aimed at tackling some of the toughest environmental challenges we are facing – joins forces with glorious nature. Throughout its history, Kew has made important contributions to increasing the understanding of plants and fungi with many benefits for mankind. With its collection of living and preserved plants, Kew works globally, utilising plant science solutions to help reduce the extent of climate change and to save species and habitats from destruction.

There really is no better place to consider this global call to action for conservation and sustainable practices.

For further information please visit: www.hardrainproject.com

For further information on Kew Gardens please visit: www.kew.org/

All images by CELLOPHANELAND*.