Chanel Promenade at Harrods - London

8 September 2011

Yesterday we visited Harrods to see the new and rather fabulous Chanel installation, on view for three weeks. Almost every window of the store has been transformed into a magical Chanel wonderland.

Once inside Harrods, head up to the third floor and enter through the symbolic cascading curtain of white pearls that Gabrielle Chanel so adored and arrive into a garden of camellia trees, decorated with diamond encrusted flowers. There’s also a reconstruction of Chanel’s apartment at 31 rue de Cambon complete with a showcase of beautiful dresses including the cases used to deliver Haute Couture to clients. There’s a room which examines Chanel’s most famous symbols: the lion (which relates to her Leo star sign), the clover-leaf, the double C (her initials) and the number 5 (Chanel considered it her lucky number).

Our favourite part of the installation was the 2.55 room. Here, visitors can learn about the exceptional skills involved in making the iconic 2.55 bag. A sensuous leather-lined wall displays a film which shows various stages of production, including sound effects from the Chanel workshop!

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All images by CELLOPHANELAND*.