Samurai Sword Fighting With ‘Kill Bill’ Choreographer

Uma, there may be some serious competition for that yellow tracksuit of yours…

If you fancy learning the moves that electrified audiences in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” films, now you can, courtesy of the Japan National Tourist Organisation

The course is led by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, who choreographed the swordfight scene in a snowy garden in “Kill Bill:Volume One” and also played the role of Crazy 88 (Miki) in the film.

Whilst in Tokyo, I decided to see if I could cut it. After learning to draw, pose with and swing a sword, I actually began to really enjoy myself. Having survived the first hour, I was treated to a spectacle of breathtaking choreographed sword fighting performed by Tetsuro and his instructors. All too soon, it was my turn. The grand display of heroics was recorded so that I could check out my samurai potential in the safety of my hotel room. At the end of the class, I could change into a kimono and hakama (traditional shirt-like clothing). Or I’m sure if I had insisted, a yellow tracksuit.

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