Faking it with CARAT*

CARAT* has long been a firm favourite of London’s jewellery editors. When an occasion calls for some serious bling – without the need for shadowing security – this company is the go to choice for fine jewellery that looks and feels like the real thing.

The usual sure fire giveaway with faux jewellery, is not the actual stones, but the ugly settings. CARAT’s jewellery craftsmen train for nine months in the art of pre-forming, faceting, polishing and setting. Each piece is prepared by hand with such precision to detail, that without an eye glass, these magnificent creations are indistinguishable from even the most precious of jewels.

These Evergreen Earrings priced at £458 are a stunning example. Buy here.


Founded by Englishman Scott Thompson in 2003, CARAT* has become one of the world’s leading luxury fashion jewellers. With boutiques in cities around the world, including London, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as luxury department stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Lane Crawford.

I adore this Magnificent Sapphire Radiant cocktail ring with an art deco influence, priced at £262. Buy here


Elizabeth Taylor (see my previous blog on Taylor’s jewellery sale at Christies here) happily wore 33.19 carats on her finger every single day in the form of the Krupp diamond, but not many women share her bravery, preferring to lock the real jewels in a safe. But even Ms. Taylor faked it on occasions; I know as I am fortunate enough to own one of Elizabeth’s costume pieces from her Christie’s jewellery sale, see my previous blog here.

The beauty of CARAT* fine jewellery is its wearability; you really can dazzle daily.

This spectacular Wild Vine Ruby Necklace priced at £1,364. Buy here.


For further information please visit: www.carat.co

All images by CARAT*

Buy a copy of Elizabeth’s Taylor’s book: My Love Affair With Jewellery here

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